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IPPR is established as the UK’s leading progressive thinktank, with an unrivalled track record of influencing policy change. Politicians from all parties and policymakers from across government engage with IPPR because of our reputation for rigorous research and our timely contributions to the policy debate.

On issues from increasing growth and prosperity to reforming public services, from renewing the way we do politics to creating a greener economy, we are at the forefront of new policy thinking.

IPPR work has great influence and impact. We have one of the highest media profiles of all thinktanks, with around 5,000 media hits each year. Our experts regularly appear on national and international television and radio, as well as in the major print and online media.  IPPR’s newsletter reaches 35,000 key opinion formers every week, and our website is visited nearly a million times each year, generating around 300,000 report downloads.

IPPR is an independent registered charity. We can only carry out our important research work because we are supported by individuals and organisations. The world of political debate and policymaking can seem closed off and inaccessible. But by supporting IPPR you will be putting yourself at the centre of events, with an insider’s view as change happens.

There are a variety of ways in which individuals and organisations can support IPPR.

  • Individuals can donate, or become an Affiliate by making a regular monthly contribution.
  • Organisations that wish to be the forefront of policy formation and thought leadership can join our corporate partners programme.

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IPPR is a registered charity (No 800065). Registered 26 September 1988.